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Special group checks Zhejiang environmental protection Wen Zhou eletroplates gar
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Special inspection team is opposite province environmental protection above all punish violates Wen Zhou this year special operation job undertook environmental protection of health of masses of blowdown enterprise, safeguard affirm, think lukewarm state municipal government takes work of environmental protection repair seriously very, established special operation technically to head a group, enhance action of departmental door linkage, active organization began a series of environmental protection to execute the law the action, obtain better level sex positive result. Subsequently, inspection team is emphasized point out in Wen Ruitang river punish, drinking water source is protected, eletroplate garden area construction, infrastructure construction and punish of pollution of source of agricultural pollution face need to strengthen punish strength and plan. At the same time the proposal continues to be adopted to violating blowdown act " severe dozen " high-pressured posture, fulfil responsibility to arrive person, ensure the target of environmental protection punish this year and task are finished as scheduled.

Deputy mayor Xie Jiren attended feedback to meet, because environmental protection foundation is relatively fragile,point out Wen Zhou, shoulder heavy responsibilities of environmental repair work. Check group of questions that raise to the province, the our city will give the key is solved. Environmental protection index is a good target, wen Zhou carries out ground of one hundred percent, one by one is caught fulfil.

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