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Demand increases pump industry to still be valued continuously
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The statistical data of the 141 members company with representative to having branch of pump of association of industry of Chinese current machinery shows, 2005, realize gross value of industrial output sixteen billion six hundred and ninety-nine million yuan, grow 42 % compared to the same period; The sales revenue that finish 15.69 billion yuan, grow 40 % compared to the same period; Amount of implementation profit tax 1.7 billion yuan, grow 65 % compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 970 million yuan, grow 64.4 % compared to the same period.

According to introducing, at present main product has pump industry pump of cubage of pump of cubage of type of pump of of all kinds centrifugal pump, mixed flow, axial-flow pump, vortical pump, circumgyrate, reciprocating type and water annulus vavuum pump. In these pump kind in the product, count computation by the stage, centrifugal pump is occupied about 70% , pump of circumgyrate type cubage and pump of reciprocating type cubage are occupied about 18% . The pump mill that the whole nation has certain dimensions has many 2000 about, line of the products has 450 series about 5000 many breed. These pump products are used extensively at national economy departmental door, satisfied our country economy basically to admit the need to pump, also include to have the capacity that provides form a complete set to use pump for device of all sorts of large whole set among them.

Occupy not complete count additionally, the electric machinery that has 21% about is used at drive of all kinds pump, in igneous report and nuclear cable industry, pump has made the mainest subsidiary engine; In petrifaction industry, pump has made one of device with equipment essential manufacturing industry. And foreign pump industry grows in last few years very fast also, year add on average fast control in 4.5 % , production enterprise has on 10 thousand about. Among them, 10 big pump create a company (the United States 4, germany 2, japan, England, Denmark, Switzerland each 1) 31% what production value holds total production value of world pump property about.

Expert of branch of pump of association of general and mechanical industry says China, foreign pump industry is being accelerated and buy recombine pace, pump makes manufacturer amount can decrease ceaselessly, the competition between company of estate of the pump that cross a state and forestall are farther aggravate. According to not complete count, since 2000, foreign pump industry already had 80 cases incorporate greatly and buy, the collaboration that passes this kind of collectivize develops the strategy, can get the largest economy scale not only, still be helpful for using original logo and famous spend implementation to be able to develop continuously.

The expert says, after China joins WTO, each big pump manufactory pays close attention to the world very much the market of China that use pump, great majority of before world pump line of business 20 strong companies prepares or had built minute of plant in China, the product of these enterprises has extremely tall famous degree, and in specific domain the market is had lead very tall also. Predict henceforth 3 ~ in 5 years, foreign pump industry is returned will with annual the rate that 5.5 % influence rises.
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