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Energy-saving system first phase project builds Zhejiang solar energy
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The relevant engineering personnel that occupies company of solar energy of Beijing day general introduces, on the foundation of system of warm-up of first phase solar energy, 2 period the project still will install liquid waste of printing and dyeing more than heat reclaims system. At present whole project is intensifying construction, predict will 2009 the copy is all and complete, collect heats up the day general solar energy that will build 50 thousand square metre finally and 5600 tons of more than heat reclaim to use a system integratedly. After whole project is finishing will but year economic coal fired 20 thousand tons, economic energy cost will achieve 20 million yuan of above. The building of this system is had not only energy-saving the tremendous society benefit that reduces a platoon, to saving energy cost, promotion company competition ability also has remarkable real sense.

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