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9 continent high-pressured transducer wins award of third class of progress of H
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9 continent transducer of electric PowerSmart series high pressure, it is to have what admirable sex price compares to hand in - straight - hand in transducer of voltage source high pressure. Use develop of parts of an apparatus of advanced IGBT of electric power electron, much n to attack circuit and PWM modulation strategy, pass DSP of processor of signal of high speed number to control, can after the system of alternating current source of high pressure of 3000-10000 bend over that will have fixed frequency and amplitude undertakes power transformation, generation is adjustable frequency and the high-pressured communication system that electric current follows load and decides, can realize successive timing to three-phase electromotor thereby.

PowerSmart high frequency transducer is used extensively at optimize and simplifying process control, replace traditional fan shroud, throttle. Global issue of increasingly outstanding the sources of energy makes transducer of PowerSmart series high pressure can be in energy-saving respect distinguish oneself, obtain good economic benefits. Still can achieve improvement to run an environment at the same time, flowing add decelerate, prolong electric machinery service life, reduce the concussion to electrified wire netting and investment, raise the goal such as treatment craft.

Transducer of PowerSmart series high pressure is produced from research and development since, obtained good sale outstanding achievement namely, the product applies extensively at power plant, transformer substation, metallurgy, chemical industry, the sources of energy, traffic, municipal project and national defence to wait for significant section and domain, early or late to the country report, China report, big the Tang Dynasty, in report is cast wait for electric power group, in landscape cement, orchid cement, inferior group of peaceful cement, Hu Shan, luck installs building materials to wait for building materials industry, in steel of Bao Gang, saddle, head steel, too steel, Han steel, Xuan Gang, always the metallurgy industry such as steel, ripples steel, Long Gang, Kun Gang, group, grand good fortune is spent in swallow industrial, Pu Yang is changed greatly industrial, spend chemical industry, birthday oil field, Jilin oil field, medium inferior labour of chloric alkalify of oil, Anhui, E Er is much this the petrifaction industry such as associated chemical industry, in group of n mining industry, chicken on the west the coal industry such as group of mining industry of mining industry, Dan of divine China group, Han, offer the high-pressured transducer with good performance, created enormous economic benefits for the client, saved a large number of the sources of energy for the country. In the meantime, 9 continent energy-saving product still attracted electric high-pressured frequency conversion the favour of numerous and abroad travelling merchant, good market outstanding achievement was obtained in the country such as the United States, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Philippine, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, Indonesia, in not long ago 2008 exhibition of Indian power energy resources, also got the close attention of industry of each country power.
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