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The 2nd batch of intelligence change Chongqing instrument appearance project is
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Company of plain bearing total plant assumed 6 three-year institution of higher learning it is respectively: Collaboration of international of attestation of intelligent appearance test and international standard, high-powered pressure / difference pressing changes send implement development of flowmeter of development and industrialization, high-powered control valve and development of intelligent valve positioner and industrialization, high-powered electromagnetism and industrialization, be based on industrial automation appearance embedded development platform detects kind of appearance development application, be based on.

So far, company of plain bearing total plant had assumed Chongqing city science and technology of great, key tackles key problem project decathlon, job of project research and development got Chongqing city committee of science and technology, hair changes appoint the key that waits for a branch pays close attention to and support energetically. The research and development of this batch of projects will is promote research and development of estate of industry of Chongqing city hi-tech and production technical standard substantially, increase the ability of innovation research and development of Chongqing plain appearance and integrated competition actual strength, remove huge to press action.

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