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Forum of successive galvanizing development holds 2008 strip steel of Chinese sa
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Fall October, autumn wind sends bright. On October 21, 2008 strip steel of Chinese were held smoothly in Beijing successive galvanizing develops forum, more than 100 when come from 5 countries such as Canada, United States and Australia domestic and international expert and relevant company controller play, publish a paper in all 25. This second conference is corroded by Beijing with defend stuff of society, advanced metal besmears lab of plating country project is sponsorred, the conference gets international zinc association, Beijing family assist, of the much home unit such as limited company of group of high-tech of new smelt metal support energetically.

Forum of successive galvanizing development holds 2008 strip steel of Chinese satisfactorily

The authoritative scholar that the conference invites international galvanization industry reports achievement of newest science and technology and industry grow trends, main report has forum: 1, development of Chinese iron and steel industry and current situation. 2, international is successive galvanization technology and industry----The history, current situation and future develop. The metallurgy principle that the layer forms galvanizing of 3, armor plate. 4, galvanizing board manufacturing technology development and current situation of production of our country galvanizing. Market of zinc of 5, China grows a tendency. The application of armor plate of 6, galvanization, scope of application, corrode characteristic and life to forecast. Cold rolling of steel of 7, fierce board the research development of galvanization technology current situation and product. Technology of plating of besmear of material of iron and steel of 8, new generation.

Inside alive bound limits, galvanization remains steely and anticorrosive main body technology. Use zinc and zinc - the steely product that aluminium alloy film has the surface defends, had achieved the 40 % of 30 ~ of year of steel output in the developed country, our country is 10 % only at present, increase by degrees with year of growth quantity of 6 % however. Galvanizing board basically use at the industry such as building, home appliance, car, the steel structure project in turning construction and major project as infrastructure of our country nation, industrialized, city emerges in endlessly, store water of construction of railroad of Tibet of such as blueness, 3 gorge generates electricity, 10 carry of garden of rich of world of Beijing Olympic Games, Shenyang, Nanjing the steel structure project of and other places of Asia Game of meeting, Guangzhou in succession start working, complete, the government uses steel to from past limitation to the policy of steel structure industry encourage reasonable the change that uses steel, steel structure replaces a ferroconcrete or bricky concrete structure regards the development of contemporary bldg. as the trend, have vast applied space. Galvanization regards a kind of relatively cheap anticorrosion as measure, in construction industry anticorrosive domain is producing major effect.
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