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Brief introduction of new technology of heat treatment of low-pressure pulse vac
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Heat treatment of vacuum of 0. low-pressure pulse is summarized

Heat treatment is machinery makes trade of 4 large bases (cast, forging, heat treatment, solder) one of, it is a very important crucial working procedure in mechanical product production process. Machinist Cheng cannot leave mould project, mould project and heat treatment connect closely. Heat treatment is to pass will heat in the medium with metallic stuff certain park, heat preservation, refrigeration organizes a structure with changing its surface or interior and achieve expectant performance demand. It is to make sure mechanical spare parts and industry pattern are immanent the main measure of quality, it is the efficient way that produces metallic stuff latent capacity, managing material adequately. Undertake heat treatment can improve spare parts and industry pattern service life correctly, improve product quality, enhance the market competition ability of the product.

After our country joins WTO, manufacturing industry is facing new opportunity and challenge, also will enter a new significant progress period at the same time. However, the level of heat treatment technology of our country and developed country photograph are compared, difference still very big. Main surface equipment, craft is backward, old 3 furnace (bath furnace of type of box type, well, salt) be in the majority, can accuse atmosphere and vacuum furnace little, the efficiency of heating furnace is low, specific power consumption is big, decarbonization of spare parts oxidation is serious wait, often produce quality quantity to cannot get assure.

Mix as equipment of machine of car, autocycle, Information Industry, project, agriculture machinery, aerospace, enginery, environmental protection mechanical foundation the development that waits for an industry, be versed in especially the rapid development of mould industry, our country is broad in the factory nods small heat treatment to using an advanced technique actively, have technical reformation and updating equipment ceaselessly, realize “ hard production of ” of high grade, high yield, low cost. The heat treatment equipment that fits our country national condition will be dimensions of a few investment lesser special device or flexible bigger product line.

Be aimed at trend of domestic and international development and domestic demand, we pass old research and practice, research and development ” of craft of heat treatment of vacuum of “ low-pressure pulse and relevant heat treatment equipment, include nitriding of low-pressure pulse vacuum to wait for new-style equipment furnace, cementite furnace, less without oxidation heating furnace. This is the high grade, low cost that broad processing worker longs for day and night, green of efficient, environmental protection brilliant of essence of furnace course of study, it is to have the product of Chinese characteristic, another series innovation that accords with national condition. Equipment of this kind of heat treatment can realize carbon of nitriding of low-pressure pulse vacuum, cementite, nitrogen in all nitrogen of ooze, carbon in all nitrogen of ooze, oxygen in all ooze, multivariate in all ooze and do not have oxidation less to heat wait for craft.
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