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Brief introduction of new technology of heat treatment of low-pressure pulse vac
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” of processing of alleged “ vacuum is to point to to place will heat to require temperature below condition of workpiece park negative pressure, next in order to differ cold fast the technique of a kind of heat treatment that has cooling. And the advantage that heat treatment of low-pressure pulse vacuum is collect vacuum heat treatment and pulse heat treatment the heat treatment engineering technology at a suit, apply this technology to be able to mix vintage conventional heat treatment craft of dated groovy heat treatment undertakes changing.

Well-known, heat treatment quality depends on heat treatment craft and equipment, advanced heat treatment equipment can finish heat treatment craft correctly not only and hold concurrently energy-saving, prevent to pollute a function, realize energy-saving, nicety and green heat treatment thereby.

Construction of the working principle of furnace of vacuum of 1 low-pressure pulse, facility and craft characteristic

With the vacuum heat that low-pressure pulse principle produces, can overcome old the defect of 3 furnace, have vacuum furnace and the advantage that can accuse atmosphere furnace at the same time, can come true not to have oxidation less to heat already, can undertake atmosphere heats can accusing again, and the defect with tall without its price, difficult maintenance. This craft still has the function of automata furnace pressure, can achieve fast exhaust and the goal that raise rate of cementite, nitriding. The technical characteristic with construction of the working principle of this furnace, facility and heat treatment main craft summarizes as follows:

1.1 jobs principle

Workpiece is restricted up and down in the low vacuum of set arteries and veins of limits proper motion heats circularly, heat vital energy relapses by oneself inside the craft time cycle in set get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, the ooze layer that can solve workpiece to enrage ageing and close outfit place to cause in furnace of process of nitriding, cementite is inhomogenous wait for technical difficult problem. Pulse of limits of low vacuum of this kind of preexistence heats, undertake pressinging heating craft then, we advocate say for heat treatment of low-pressure pulse vacuum. This engineering technology is used in box type to go up without oxidation heating furnace also is very effective. The chamber of a stove or furnace is in low vacuum (negative pressure) come to pressing big range pulse pressure regulating heat with neuter gas classify of the air in rapid displacement the chamber of a stove or furnace, water contains oxygen medium, the ooze agent that provides with craft after that makes workpiece heats in the atmosphere of set, after heating if be inside furnace,refrigeration can come true not to have oxidation heat treatment less.

Should special point out, pulse (carbon of nitriding, nitrogen in all ooze) craft has kind of change of furnace pressure of 3 kinds of ’ :
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