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Brief introduction of new technology of heat treatment of low-pressure pulse vac
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Pulse of ① negative pressure: Furnace pressure is in ≤1 atmosphere condition issues periodic change;
② is pressing pulse: Furnace pressure is in ≥1 atmosphere limits is periodic change;
③ negative pressure pulse: Press on to be worth, the pulse that is negative worth is pressed below, and pulse vacuum can consider as vacuum and blame vacuum alternant. What heat treatment of low-pressure pulse vacuum uses is principle of negative pressure pulse.

The furnace pressure change of heat treatment of our company low-pressure pulse vacuum is inside designation time the negative pressure from set rises to set pressing, hold different time below this pressure, after that rapid step-down comes the negative pressure of set, next resumptive the 2nd periodic pressure regulating heat, such loop is handled, till the time that needs till place of the craft that finish.

Characteristic of 1.2 facility construction

Top job temperature can amount to furnace of low-pressure pulse vacuum (1150 ℃ , type having a well and box type two kinds of furnace.

1.3 main technology characteristics

1.3.1 improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost

Workpiece passes eduction of the air inside bleed general furnace after person furnace, achieve fast exhaust, reduce time of take a breath, raise ooze fast, shorten thereby production is periodic, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduced manufacturing cost.

1.3.2 can obtain layer of high quality ooze

Pulse bleed has to workpiece surface enrage and purify action, workpiece surface active increased below low vacuum condition, raised workpiece to express the adsorptive ability that faces place ooze element, diffuse accelerate, obtain compact and even ooze layer thereby, can prevent at the same time inside oxidation, avoid to produce black organization to improve ooze layer quality.

Because pulse process is,aerate one deflate changes alternately furnace is angry, exchange of new old mannish can arrive at any place and corner, solved be less than to containing the spare parts ooze of aperture of alveolus, blind, slit or ooze layer is not equal technical difficult problem.

As a result of photograph of negative pressure pulse compares pulse of pure negative pressure, pulse range is big, furnace, whole in that way furnace casing connects unlike vacuum furnace water is cooling, be in only however sealed place opens furnace door water is cooling, make water bad news, power consumption decreases apparently; Install device of automatic take a breath, implementation enters exhaust automatically. Furnace door uses balata with place of contact of body of heater sealed, lining uses fiber of pottery and porcelain to assemble type construction, use firebrick less. Besmear in its appearance painting of china of black pottery of mineralization of much brilliant condition; Add inside furnace door, hearth is mid installation takes energy of life dish, let the aeriform proper motion such as neuter, laziness enter the chamber of a stove or furnace ration, timely, also can drip from furnace lid person protective agent, after making workpiece heats, achieve do not have oxidation less. Back wall and roof match thermocouple, use at control and temperature of record the chamber of a stove or furnace respectively, use intelligence to change a program to accuse lukewarm. Electric heat component of Wen Lu is in gyroidal, high temperature furnace uses arched resistor silk or resistor tape, small to area of watch of the chamber of a stove or furnace person use low-pressure power supply. Nitriding or azotic carbon in all the compound layer of ooze is attainable effective control, the technology of contented and can different material asks.
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