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Keelung fishing can roll out vacuum to handle a technology
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On holidays, taiwan people likes to use fresh seafood to entertain close friend on table, to assure seafood fresh degree, fishing can roll out Keelung to be caught now recently, scoop up now, 5 minutes of vacuum handle a service, welcome by the people.
The people is taking one remaining part 50 centimeter grow another end smoke fully, 500 fair grams want only 400 multivariate, let everybody grabbing checkout; The fishing here is obtained not merely cheap, still be the boat relies on harbor hind, machine with the rapiddest rate treated, be welcomed ardently by the people.
The people: It won't shrink, very honest, the market sells with respect to meeting bubble water ah, wait for you when redemptive home, original so big, become so small.
Seafood takes seriously most fresh degree, because this fishing can take production, treatment, peddle carry out, the kind that single track has, the first pace is caught now scoop up fishing to obtain now, scale of purify of the 2nd pace, keep clear of next splanchnic, keep clear of clean again next, after then the piscine vacuum of one end handles one end, quickness is cooling, after awaiting sampling observation, again vacuum deserves to traffic curtilage.
Course of study person: Our characteristic is a processing factory in the seaside, boat one draw close the shore, obtain the fishing of newest delicacy immediately, send a processing factory processing, be less than process of 5 minutes.
Because grab,be fresh, those who became seafood epicure love most, fishing port everyday turnover, average ten, encounter recently spend the New Year, the people is grabbed buy seafood, make year of food, order comes ceaselessly, turnover also innovates tall, this kind of new sale way, also became a fisherman love most.

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