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Through vacuum meter test vacuum is spent will remove engine trouble quickly
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Through vacuum meter test vacuum is spent can mirror engine from flank the stand or fall with each sealed place, conduce to us removing engine trouble quickly.
Check the preparation before
To use vacuum meter better, it is good before the test to must ask strictly to adjust according to the technology above all initiative ignition when with idle fast limiting value, if these operations undertake accurately, so the value that either slants to be spent from normal vacuum, show engine existence trouble.
Differ according to engine with vacuum meter opportunely trouble of engine of rotate speed judgement
When measuring, the vacuum of vacuum meter is sure to originate directly the manifold that take energy of life, because have only,be being spent into the vacuum of gas manifold is to originate directly the vacuum of engine. The vacuum that leaves for divisional and different operating mode spends the breakdown that the report that be worth place comes out, test engine spends into the vacuum of gas manifold can divide for 3 kinds of main types: Idle quickens test and test of exhaust system block fast test, urgently.
(One) idle fast test
When engine works normally, in idle fast condition falls, measure its value to should be 50~70kpa with vacuum meter. If measured value is absent this limits, want a foundation different situation, try to analyse, in order to judge breakdown place.
1. If idle the vacuum meter reading when fast test is abnormal, should have the following examination: ① checks initiative ignition when; ② examination distributes gas when; ③ checks air cylinder pressure; ④ examination crankcase is compulsive and ventilated dominate a powerful person or family.
2. If the vacuum meter finger when fast test has idle of the rule drop 6~9kpa, should have the following examination: The sparkplug that ① fish does not work; The valve with ② burned-out fish (pressure checks) ; The piston with ③ burned-out fish (pressure checks) .
3. If discover vacuum meter reads numerical value to drop irregularly,arrive when 10~27kpa, should have the following examination: ① checks sparkplug; ② searchs the valve of calorie of sluggish; ③ searchs the spiracle tappet of calorie of sluggish or hydraulic pressure tappet;
4. If vacuum meter hand is slow,swing between 27~34kpa, should have the following job: ① adjusts carburettor (mixture energy of life may be too strong) ; ② checks sparkplug (sparkplug space may be too little) ;
5. If idle fast when vacuum meter index is very fast a specification places between 47~61kpa: Inlet valve tappet and conduit wear away, cooperate Song Kuang. If vacuum meter hand is slow between 34~76kpa,place, and as engine rotate speed elevatory swing bounce of bedspring of valve of aggravate criterion specification is insufficient.
6. If idle fast when vacuum meter index swings substantially between 18~65kpa by air cylinder gasket flat place causes encounter.
7. If engine idle fast exorbitant, test manifold vacuum is spent be less than 40kpa. The manifold after showing the section valve that is engine or manager are flat, flat place majority is manifold mat and make multibarrel line with manifold photograph connective. If vacuum booster is tracheal,wait. Once we are repairing to run quickly when 560 cars, use this method to detect piece flat, decided with platoon division again breakdown place is dominating a powerful person or family, finally is the fusing of fuse of a power source that controls its function certainly. Changed after this fuse, trouble removal.
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