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Through vacuum meter test vacuum is spent will remove engine trouble quickly
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8. If engine starts difficulty, guarantee against the fast movement, vacuum that tests engine spends stable idle in 50kpa above. The way of air inlet duct that shows engine does not have a problem, breakdown depends on electronic-controlled the light a fire that the system causes undesirable or fuel injection is undesirable, nod igneous coil breakdown to wait for example.
(2) urgent check quickly
In engine urgent the test has when quickening, also can show the rate with flat piston. Urgent when quickening, the reading of vacuum meter should drop suddenly; When urgent decelerate, vacuum meter finger will be in former idle fast the position when is forward substantially jump. Mix when rapid open namely when closing solar term door, vacuum meter index should swing subsequently between 7~8kpa.
1. If the piston is flat serious, of vacuum meter finger swing range will be not quite distinct. Vacuum meter index swings range is wider, show engine technical condition has been jumped over.
2. If idle fast when vacuum meter finger under normal value, urgent fall after a rise of the index when quickening arrives near “O” , the finger when solar term door is shut suddenly also cannot lift 86kpa is controlled. This appearance basically is created.
(3) exhaust system block checks
Undertake this test works below the condition that is 1000r/min in engine rotate speed, observe vacuum meter reading carefully, if reading drops apparently gradually, make clear phenomenon of block of exhaust system existence.
Test the item that the attention answers when vacuum is spent with vacuum meter opportunely
1, engine idle when fast movement, if spiracle is put in card sluggish, criterion vacuum meter finger will with go back of irregular ground interval.
2, spiracle clearance slants small, criterion vacuum meter reading will on the low side, it is roughly between 44~47kpa, and index swings back and forth, if only interval of a valve adjusts a value,slant small, criterion vacuum meter finger is in the conference when this air cylinder ignites every time appears to drop regularly.
3, when can light when mixture energy of life is too strong, criterion vacuum meter index can swing back and forth, accompany vent-pipe to risk black smoke to blowout even, the idle that should adjust carburettor fast adjust bolt.
4, on numerical value is to be in be equivalent to the numerical value that measures below sea level height, we know vacuum of the manifold that take energy of life is spent those who follow height above sea level is elevatory and reduce. Normally altitude every are elevatory 500 meters, vacuum is spent will reduce 5.5kpa. When accordingly we are determining to be spent into gas manifold vacuum, want to undertake conversion according to the circumstance of height above sea level of the place.

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