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The working principle of vacuum booster
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Vacuum booster is the housing with a bigger diameter, interior has mid the diaphragm of push rod (or piston) , lie between housing two parts, be interlinked with atmosphere partially, another part is joined through conduit and engine air inlet duct.
It is the induction air when using engine to work this one principle, create a side vacuum of booster, the photograph is normal to another side the pressure of air pressure is poor, use this pressure difference to strengthen thrust of apply the brake.
If although very little pressure is poor,diaphragm both sides has, because the area of diaphragm is very large, still can produce very big thrust to drive diaphragm to move to the one aspect of the matter with little pressure. Vacuum helps power system, be in apply the brake when, also control the vacuum that enters booster at the same time, make diaphragm mobile, use the push rod on diaphragm to assist manpower to walk to move and drive footplate of apply the brake through through traffic device.
So: When engine flameout, because did not have the vacuum that take energy of life to spend, also did not have help strength, the artificial power that place of apply the brake needs will very big. What the attention needs here is, a lot of novices think, engine flameout do not have apply the brake, this is incorrect.
Correct should be, engine flameout, the artificial trample power that place of apply the brake needs helps strength because of doing not have and can become very big just.

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