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The country begins system of admittance of overall to the product such as food c
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Total bureau of national qualitative check will start 39 kinds of food to use at the near future plastic pack, the market admittance system of the goods such as container and tool. This is our country government sector measure safety to make sure food is qualitative, strengthen food to contact material and product to supervise the new starting point that runs the job further.
Food contacts material to have main effect to food safety. Material of inferior food contact although the harm that poison of unlike feeling catch a disease, bacterium causes get effect instantly to the body of consumer in that way, but these products fall in the case that uses for a long time repeatedly, poisonous and harmful material will be migratory in food, accumulate through edible bring about chronic and toxic, the growing development to children and adolescent especially adverse. Be like, inferior eat box encounters heat or grease can be released send the cancer, chemical material that causes disease; Benzene exceeds bid easy cause cancer and haemal system disease; The compound of certain lead can dissolve is mixed at hot alcohol acidity beverage, decompose ion giving lead, besides cause cancer, still can pass next generation through reproduction, affect intellectual growth of the child.

Inside nearly two years, total bureau of national qualitative check will be acted on in installment group by group, the principle that advances steadily, the food that waits for all material to pledge to metal, paper, pottery and porcelain stage by stage is packed, the product such as container, tool implements market admittance system. After system of executive market admittance, it is link is examined in admittance, undertake be controllinged strictly to the product warranty ability of the enterprise; 2 it is to stipulate the enterprise must strengthen routine inspection test, the product without certificate of proof must not leave factory. At the same time requirement company will test to pledge with what have aptitude check orgnaization undertakes comparing is opposite as a result regularly, in order to assure the dependability of result of routine inspection test; 3 it is requirement enterprise the main item to related goods quality (if certain and toxic harmful substance, business must not be contained in the product,do not use when production reclaim makings and poisonous and harmful raw material) make statement, qualitative check branch undertakes supervisory checking according to company statement; 4 it is to ask the enterprise must be on product label, manual to the product use method and note make specific specification, in order to make sure the product can be used correctly. The company that investigates through market admittance can be in product package mount is used " QS " mark.

In the meantime, after food container and tool carry out market admittance, manufacturing company will not get food to use the food that did not obtain manufacturing license to use in food production plastic pack, the goods such as container, tool.  
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