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Hopeful of instrument appearance product brings into an electron to superintend
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Industry of bearing of our country instrument realized gross value of industrial output 2007 307.8 billion yuan, sales revenue 300.5 billion yuan, grow 29% compared to the same period; Profit total 22.5 billion yuan, grow 35% compared to the same period, achieved the record on phylogeny of appearance of our country instrument.

20 electrons that input correspondence of every product place superintend a code, click " inquiry " , the pertinent information such as date of superintendency code of the name that can see this product on computer screen instantly, model, electron, manufacturer, date of expiration, application. What Liu Feng of director of council of job of information of product of society of Chinese instrument appearance is demonstrating on computer is they had been developed finish " electron of information of instrument appearance product superintends a code " inquiry system. "The system had collected the product information of nearly 3000 manufacturers now, our preparation is inside 3 years, instrument bearing industry all product information of all manufacturer is brought into entirely come in. " Liu Feng says.

"Card neck " industry

Instrument appearance serves as independent industry, producing increasingly main effect in current countryman economy and development of science and technology.
In industrial production, if did not occupy all sorts of measurement of 10%~15% of company fixed assets to move normally with what control instrument appearance only, all sorts of modern industries such as power plant, refinery, chemical plant, steely factory, plane and automobile factory cannot keep stable production, won't create the production value of a huge sum more; In studying scientificly, almost of the half tackle key problem the project is consider and make special measure with control instrument equipment; On the military affairs, contemporary weaponry is not had almost do not deploy relevant high accuracy to measure control instrument meter; In national activity, check product quality, detect environmental pollution, weather forecast, disease of make a diagnosis and give treatment, exploration the situation of a disaster... contemporary instrument appearance becomes indispensable authority " judge " .

Wang Dahang academician ever said when the main effect that speaks of instrument appearance: "Instrument appearance often is produced by regard as scientific research and industry ' costar ' , however the core component that it makes development of our country science and technology and quality of promotion industry product already, action holds the balance. The fact proves, of actual strength of Chinese science and technology and economic progress ' guttural ' , partial ground is blocked in instrument appearance this is shut. Partial ground is blocked in instrument appearance this is shut..

Confused trade current situation

"There is product of appearance of how many kinds of instrument after all on home market, the product that each manufacturer produce has after all why the similarities and differences on the technology... industry of whole apparatus bearing, however neither one person dare pat chest to say to master these circumstances completely clearly. Old since, instrument bearing industry even the department that neither one consolidates management, be in for a long time desultorily condition. " Liu Feng says.
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