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The guild regulations of of short duration that classifies about product of care
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To unite the caliber of product of careful chemical industry, accelerate adjust product structure, develop careful chemical industry, the classified of short duration that refines industry product to essence of life especially makes following provisions, the caliber such as plan, program, statistic will is with this henceforth accurate.
One. Content
Product of careful chemical industry includes the following 11 products category:
1. Pesticide; 2. Dye; 3. Coating (include paint and printing ink) ; 4. Painty; 5, reagent and high pure content; 6, information chemically is tasted (the chemical that includes sensitization to be able to accept electric grow wave material, magnetic material) ; 7, food and feed additive; 8, adhesive; 9. Activator and all sorts of auxiliary; 10. The chemical that chemical system produces (raw material medicine) with daily expense chemical. 11. The material of functional high polymer in high polymer polymer (include a function film, polarizing material) .
Among them, activator and all sorts of auxiliary, include the following content:
⑴ activator: Oil refining is used activator, petro-chemical use ammonia of activator, synthesis with activator, organic chemical industry activator, vitriolic use activator, other activator with activator, environmental protection.
Auxiliary of ⑵ printing and dyeing: Agent of softening agent, level dyeing, dispersive agent, antistatic agent, fiber uses fire retardant to wait.
⑶ plastic auxiliary: Plasticizer, stabilizing agent, vesicant, plastic wait with fire retardant.
⑷ balata auxiliary: Accelerant, age resistor, model solves activator of agent, reclaimed rubber to wait.
⑸ water treatment agent: Agent of water quality stabilizing agent, corrosion inhibiter, soft water, antiseptic destroy alga agent, garrulous coagulates the agent.
⑹ fiber reel off raw silk from cocoons uses oily agent: Polyester fibber filament uses short silk of fat dose, dacron to use black silk ribbon of fat dose, eyeball to use fat dose, polyvinyl alcohol fibber to use fat dose to wait with fat dose, spun glass with fat dose, polypropylene fibber with fat dose, polyamide fibber.
Agent of ⑺ organic extraction: Series of series of pyrrole alkyl ketone, hydrocarbon of dried meat fat, second nitrile series, furfural series,
Additive of polymer of ⑻ high polymer: Initator, block gets together agent, stop agent, conditioning agent, activator to wait,
⑼ surface activator: Mix except the positive beyond family expenses scour, electronegative, neutral activator of blame ion surface.
⑽ leather auxiliary: Oil of the agent of synthetic tan agent, cover with paint, agent that add fat, brightening agent, soft skin.
⑾ pesticide uses auxiliary: Emulsifying agent, synergist.
Chemically of ⑿ oil field tastes: Oil field is prevented with broken emulsion, artesian well collapse agent, slop uses auxiliary, prevent candle fall adhesive.
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