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Technology of 8 oil petrifaction, chemical industry includes national emphasis t
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Below the situation that in the sources of energy shortage, price upsurges continuously, national hair changes appoint announced a few days ago " national emphasis is energy-saving the technology spreads list (the first batch) " , 9 industries stress waits to popularize 50 energy-saving technologies in oil petrifaction, chemical industry, building materials, coal, electric power, steely, nonferrous metal, mechanical, spin. Among them, 8 technologies come from industry of oil petrifaction, chemical industry.

Energy-saving technology includes industry of first 8 oil petrifaction that popularizes mainly, chemical industry: Oil field machinery is used put empty natural gas to reclaim gas of energy-saving technology of warm-up of air of liquefacient project, splitting decomposition furnace, new-style commutation makes alkaline technology, ammonia synthesize loop element to sift energy-saving technology, large and medium-sized low temperature of vitriolic production unit heat energy reclaims technology, airtight. These technologies are the make choice of in the 30 multinomial techniques that recommend from petrifaction association.

In addition, additional energy-saving technology comes from two trades that extend mainly respectively light industrial industry and construction industry, they are plastic and dynamic processing style of energy-saving technology, polyurethane hard swimming is used at technology of form a complete set of wall body heat preservation.

In 50 technologies that popularize in national emphasis, partial technology has fundamental promotion application value in oil and chemical industry. If transducer timing is energy-saving technology, boiler is anticorrosive technology of block dirty water treatment, outside the divide evenly that move jaw places gnathic type crusher, efficient double plate to grind oar machine, fan to transform etc.
As we have learned, these energy-saving technologies have range of advanced and applicable, application wide, energy-saving potential is great wait for a characteristic. It is with technology of coal fired catalytic combustion exemple, 5.5 tons of coal add every 5 ~ activator of combustion of 1 litre of coal, but average length coal 8% ~ 15% , decrease a 2 oxidation sulfur 25% above. After limited company uses this technology, pyroelectricity of city of Lu of Inc. of course of study of titanium of Chongqing of group of Chongqing Pan Gang, Sichuan obtained remarkable economic benefits. The expert is evaluated, with the whole nation boiler of all sorts of industrial coal fired year bad news coal 500 million tons plan, after using this technology can save coal fired every year 50 million tons, decrease a 2 oxidation sulfur 500 thousand tons, direct economic benefits 10 billion yuan.

Current, the sources of energy is in short supply make domestic economic situation increasingly complex. May, producer price of countrywide industrial product rises compared to the same period 8. 2 % , go up respectively than going up the month is mixed the corresponding period was accelerated last year 0. 1 with 5. 4 percent, the expert thinks, the sources of energy rises in price is to basically prompt one of factors.
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