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Antitrust law rises to be carried out formally today
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Since August 1, have " economic constitution " say " antitrust law " will carry out formally. Although current situation of the legal system of our country, market and execute the law the mechanism, " antitrust law " still cannot develop completely " economic constitution " action, but the core that this law regards the market as competitive law system, undoubted meeting breeds fair, orderly market competition environment to produce main effect to our country, conduce to the development of the innovation of stimulative enterprise and economy. To maintain the market emulative, the tangible standard of the law has each country antitrust commonly the following content: Prohibit company of forestall agreement, control is amalgamative, prohibit abusing the market to control a position, object administrative forestall waiting. Our country antitrust law is to prevent and check forestall behavior, protective market fairness competes, raise economy to run efficiency, safeguard consumer interest and society public interest, health of stimulative socialist market economy develops and make. Any operator, no matter be state-owned company,still be not state-owned company, no matter be foreign capital enterprise, or inside endowment enterprise, ought to abide by the regulation of antitrust law in economic activity. To lawbreaking regulation, of executive forestall behavior, will investigate legal duty lawfully.   

" antitrust law " the target depends on prevent and checking forestall behavior, uphold market competition order, its itself does not object an enterprise doing do greatly strong. It is " antitrust law " do not object more do not prohibit the enterprise obtains the market to control a position legally, the enterprise that just prohibits having the market to control a position abuses the market to control a position, eliminate, limitation competes, block up technology progresses, damage the behavior of the legitimate rights and interests of consumer and other operator. 2 be control and examine of operator about be opposite, " antitrust law " emphasize wanting to prevent operator already excessive concentration, form forestall; Should be helpful for domestic company passing again lawfully annex is done do greatly strong, expand dimensions economy, raise an industry to be spent centrally. 3 be " antitrust law " prohibiting forestall agreement while, in be opposite, small proprietor manages the efficiency, agreement that strengthens competition ability place to reach not to grant to prohibit to rise. 4 be " antitrust law " eliminate through prohibiting abusing administrative power, limitation competes, be helpful for build and perfecting the whole nation's unified, open, competition, orderly big market, be helpful for an enterprise undertaking optimizing conformity to the whole nation and even global resource, be helpful for our country enterprise doing thereby do greatly strong.   

This new law involved the pillar sex trade such as the sources of energy, telecommunication first. According to in the center of those who put forward " push forestall industry reform, introduce competitive mechanism actively " 4 times with National People's Congress of 10 whole nations the conference approves " 915 " the program puts forward " deepen oil, telegraphic, civil aviaton, postal, nicotian, salt industry and reform of municipal public utility, advance state-owned asset to recombine, form emulative market structure " requirement, the trade that dominates a position is taken in state-owned economy in, also should guide, advance competition is begun between different operator. For this, " antitrust law " be in " general principles " regulation of door of technical secondary school: "The lifeblood of relation countryman economy that state-owned economy takes the driver's seat and the industry with safe country and execute lawfully specialize in monopolistic industry, the country is protected to managing an activity of its operator to give legally, the price that reachs Wu of its commodity kimono to the management behavior of operator is carried out lawfully superintend and adjusting control, maintain consumer interest, stimulative technology progresses. "  
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