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Our country will clutch perfect " managing energy law " code of form a complete
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National hair changes appoint, industry and ministry of science and technology, informatization ministry, Ministry of finance, housing is total bureau of Wu of Department of Transportation of ministry of urban and rural construction, traffic, Department of Commerce, duty, qualitative legal system of bureau of canal of check total bureau, country, the State Council does give out an announcement to point out, will clutch perfect " managing energy law " code of form a complete set and standard, clutch research is made (repair) order " project of fixed assets investment is energy-saving evaluate and examine byelaw " , " the key is used can the unit is energy-saving administrative measure " (edit) , " measure of energy-saving and censorial government " , " building of national office office and large and public construction are interior temperature controls way " , , accelerate build and perfect energy-saving product certification to run a system.

The announcement still emphasizes, various places should clutch undertake editing perfecting to original local energy-saving laws and regulations, did not enact executive ordinance so (method) place, want to draft local energy-saving code according to needing actually to clutch. Perfect energy-saving standard system further. Make " 2008-2010 year resource is managing with use a standard integratedly to develop a program " , make the high cost such as coal, oil, coloured, chemical industry, building materials can level of quota of industry specific power consumption, and the product such as efficient and electric power transformer, energy-saving electric machinery can effect standard. Start 12 to use this year can product can 8 effect standard, high cost can bad news of 4 level of quota of product specific power consumption, keys metrological implement of industry the sources of energy is deployed and can run a level make (long) work surely.

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