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Will carry out laws and regulations of first salt industry government in Novembe
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"Henceforth, carry out of blame legal system is sham salt person, and use ' auxiliary of printing and dyeing ' , ' briny brilliant ' wait for name the illegal use, act that spends industrial salt will get preventing effectively! Make work repeatedly illicit salt person what suffer condemnatory general accentuation, highest can punish 50 thousand yuan! " recently, personage of bureau of city salt Wu will carry out in November to reporter analysis " regulation of salt industry of the city that do not have stannum " when say. It is reported, the ground level city that having stannum is laws and regulations of government of salt industry of first formulate of countrywide.
The industry such as the spin that do not have stannum, printing and dyeing relatively develop, all through the ages is industrial saline big city. Whole town is divided use at producing soda ash, caustic soda beyond industrial saline unit has 1276, annual is controlled in 32 thousand tons with saline gross. In last few years industrial salt develops the phenomenon that sells salt market somewhat grow in quantity, because the industrial salt procedure that make is simpler,be on one hand, wholesome to the product index does not make a demand, a variety of tantalum such as embedded lead, arsenic, long-term edible is harmful to human body, and its price also differs with edible salt about a hundred yuan and even hundreds yuan, a few illegal elements not hesitate for oneself expedience salt of illicit of sale of risk danger in desperation. Plus the other place industrial salt and fake salt is flowed into often without stannum, a few enter communal dining room and dietary stall place directly even, toxic incident produces salt from time to tome. From 2003 bottom up to now, saline Wu bureau already investigated salt industry to violate a case many cases 2000, salt of the illicit that check capture more than tons 430.
Although do not have stannum to increase the superintendency strength of salt industry market ceaselessly in last few years, but execute the law personnel discovery, the method of illegal element also more and more concealment, appeared to change pack, add other part, or the name that waits for industrial chemicals with auxiliary of printing and dyeing makes public a sale. And the active code definition to saline product did not distinguish from content explicitly, make execute the law personnel handles devoid law basis sometimes. The understanding in interviewing arrives, new those who come on stage " regulation of salt industry of the city that do not have stannum " had a standard to this. New rule undertook making clear a definition to saline product, use to industrial salt had a standard. Execute the law personnel returns discovery, because violate cost inferior, make a few illegal elements dare to sell illicit salt again and again. Be like according to active code, the person that sell to illicit salt can confiscate illegal earning only and manage illegal gain 5 times the following amerce, and illicit salt dealer adopts technique of dispersive conceal, fragmentary sale mostly, the illicit salt product that often is seized also about a hundred jins, condemnatory strength is quite finite.
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