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Operating rules of safety of worker of agglomeration of intermediate frequency v
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1. The cooling fountainhead that body of heater of furnace of intermediate frequency power source, vacuum, induction encircles -- the water of reservoir must is full of, there must not be foreign matter in water.
2. Actuate water pump, make power source of its intermediate frequency, boiler circulation of system of refrigeration of circle of vacuum furnace induction, body of heater is normal, adjust hydraulic control to be worth in the regulation.
3. Examine system of vavuum pump power source, leather belt dish leather belt degree of tightness, whether is vavuum pump oil located in central line of oil seal observation hole. After checking appropriate, leather belt of artificial and rotational vavuum pump dish, if not have unusual, can fall in the case that closes butterfly valve, the vavuum pump that start.
4. Examine the case inside vacuum body of heater, the one class inside requirement vacuum body of heater is wholesome, inductive group insulation is good, sealed vacuum adhesive plaster has flexibility, dimension qualification.
5. The lever handgrip that checks vacuum body of heater is started agile.
6. Vacuum gauge of family name of wheat of examination roll type whether accord with the requirement.
7. Check black lead crucible, the fittings that install furnace is all ready.
8. After above be all set, receive electrify source, intermediate frequency power source closes gate, start regulation by intermediate frequency, try the frequency conversion that start, success hind suspends frequency conversion, just can open furnace.
9. The observation of upper cover of vacuum body of heater, measure lukewarm aperture, open furnace to all need clean processing every time, so that observation is mixed,measure lukewarm.
10. The Shi Yinggen that install furnace seizes different agglomeration product, take the corresponding kind that install furnace. By concerned material the qualitative regulation that install furnace is installed dish, must not change at will.
11. To maintain constant temperature, prevent heat shoot, 2 carbon fiber are added on calorific crucible, again hood heat shield.
12. Fill up good vacuum fluid sealant to take.
13. Operate lever handgrip, rotational vacuum roof builds as close as body of heater coincide, put down coping, had locked up fixed nut.
14. Open butterfly valve slowly, pump air of body of heater, spend to vacuum reach formulary value.
15. Spend in vacuum after achieving a regulation to ask, begin to start frequency conversion, adjust intermediate frequency power, by concerned material qualitative agglomeration sets an operation; Warm up, heat preservation is cooling.
16. After agglomeration ends, suspend frequency conversion, by stop frequency conversion switch, inversion quits the job, disconnect brake of cent of intermediate frequency power source and disconnect power source total brake.
17. After observing from observation hole of body of heater the chamber of a stove or furnace is nigrescent, shut vavuum pump first butterfly a powerful person and disconnect vavuum pump electric current, receive tap water to continue to cool again inductive circle and body of heater, stop water pump finally.
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