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Fruit vegetables kind the characteristic of food vacuum pre-cooling equipment an
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In vegetables of our country fruit kind the sale link of food is commonly the sale appears on the market directly after plucking, buy the processing in coming home by consumer next clean again edible, and the rest cannot edible part again processing of transportation by regular carriers, pattern of this kind of spending not only take time is arduous, increase repetitive transportation to handle, and pollute an environment, do not accord with food sanitation to ask again, the civilization of very apparent this and modernization, fast rhythm, height, society that develop more and more do not suit.

70 time developed country already realized 20 centuries the factory changes treatment fruit, vegetable, to 80 time dimensions has developed to turn production first. Collect the fruit after closing, vegetable classics to choose, go leaf of root the base of a fruit, clean, beforehand cold, pack, the cold storage goods shelves that refrigerated transport enters a supermarket, consumer is redemptive buy is refrigerated into freezer, when edible but direct cook, need not clean wait for link, pattern of this kind of spending and pattern of spending of our country tradition compare have a lot of advantages undoubtedly:

The concentration that the factory changes is handled bring a profundity to change to agriculture necessarily, farming by-product is machined inevitable forward the factory is changed, dimensions is changed, standardization way develops; Can offer what accord with hygiene standard for food completely to consumer farming by-product, delicacy is spent rise greatly; Reduce urban rubbish greatly, reduce environmental pollution; Reduce repetitive transportation; The save labour when consumer is saved, satisfy the lifestyle requirement of fast rhythm.

Our country government is advocated energetically all along " food basket " project, develop period in our country economy especially, the factory of fruit vegetable changes treatment to had been taken seriously by the height of various government, only course appears on the market the sale already made inevitable trend. In in last few years inside be sure to have greater progress. In addition, as a result of fresh fruit vegetable exit gets beforehand cold last the technology is restricted, already cannot satisfy the international trade demand that increases increasingly more and more.

Beforehand cold differ with cooling concept. Alleged beforehand cold it is to point to food from initiative temperature (30 ℃ are controlled) the terminal temperature that falls quickly to need to place (15 ℃ of 0 ~ ) process, refrigeration and the fast and cooling working procedure before fast quick-freeze writtens guarantee are called beforehand cold; And refrigeration is the process that freezes food thermal drop temperature to prep above, refrigeration basically applies at the following kinds of types:
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