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Transmitance of gas of vacuum plating aluminous product checks a method
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Nowadays, cut off the sexual material that pack is applied in the domain such as food, medicine widely. In cut off in packing, often use have aluminum foil composite material and vacuum plating aluminous stuff. Vacuum plating aluminous material replaced aluminum foil composite material to reduce manufacturing cost not only, also reduced aluminous material wastage, because this kind of low cost is mixed,the material of environmental protection sex got manufacturer home is mixed of use manufacturer approbate consistently.

Cardinal principle of vacuum plating aluminous material can divide it is two kinds: Vacuum plating aluminous paper and vacuum plating aluminium are filmy. Vacuum plating aluminous film basically has: Aluminous film of VMPET polyester plating, VMCPP sheds polypropylene of biaxial stretching of aluminous film of plating of Yan Jubing Xi, VMBOPP polyethylene of plating aluminous film, VMCPE plating aluminous film and aluminium of VMPVC pvc plating are filmy. These material all are with high polymer film serves as base material, form in aluminium of its surface plating. The common characteristic of vacuum plating aluminous material is: Wearability of plating aluminous level is poor, produce nick easily consequently, compact surface layer is destroyed. As cut off the vacuum plating aluminous paper of sexual material and film, normally with aerobic transmitance and vapor transmitance two indexes assess his to cut off function, can use two kinds of different test methods to have a test respectively.

Vapor transmitance detects: Cup type law, MOCON appears wet instrument

According to standard of GB / T1037-1988, the vapor transmitance that uses cup type law to say heavy principle checks film of vacuum plating aluminium. In the process of preparation sample, seal cup it is an important step, measure is here medium, the department that sample and metallic sealing ring contact

Divide the attrition with can get inevitably certain and cut, at the same time candle of high temperature liquid also can affect block secondary floor, the vapor of sample can be affected certainly through the quantity. Additional, consider the way that vapor passes through even in experimental process. Because vacuum plating aluminous level always is bare a flank in film of vacuum plating aluminium, when be being passed through to base material level from plating aluminous level when vapor, plating aluminous level is bare in tall wet environment, the plating aluminous layer that relies on adsorption to form can produce pinhole, increase vapor thereby pass through a quantity, affect the use value of material.

According to ASTMF1249-2001 standard, use MOCON appears wet instrument to have vapor transmitance test. Sample is passed on, clamp of below two antrum is fixed, fixed unit won't emerge overmuch clash to sample. Next antrum of experimental antrum contain distilled water or saline solution, formed all sorts of humidity environments, so this method also should notice the way that vapor passes through.
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