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Vavuum pump applies mediumly in each industries
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Well-known, the characteristic that because water annulus vavuum pump and water annulus compressor have a structure,simple, use maintenance goes to the lavatory, received wide application in all trades and professions consequently. Have the characteristic that isotherm compresses especially, extremely easy pump, compress combustible the gas that explodes easily. With respect to its development and design develop the view that talks about a few shallow below.

1 large change

Wait for the development of the industry as a result of colliery, chemical industry, pharmacy, papermaking, the requirement to water annulus vavuum pump more and more to large change respect development. It is before 2000, our country can produce rate of air sucked in required to be in the water annulus vavuum pump of 100m3/min above only 3-4 enterprise, the whole nation produces per year a quantity to also do not cross a few. And passed 3 years only, the manufacturer of the big pump that to 2003 the whole nation can produce 100m3/min above amounts to many 10 (among them only Zi rich area has 7- - 8) , according to not complete count, the crop of big pump of the whole nation amounts to hundreds of above, these products basically apply at:

(1) colliery industry

Because the country strengthened the safe requirement to the colliery, use water annulus vavuum pump consequently, especially annulus vavuum pump smokes large water to already made colliery trade except gas gas must safe requirement, for example the vavuum pump of oversize water annulus that the much stage rate of air sucked in required that some Bureau of Mines ordered Shaanxi last year amounts to 400m3/min is in order to is smoked remove gas gas, the big pump of above of some a large colliery use 100m3/min is amounted to 7- - 8. Strengthen further to secure job as the country, vavuum pump of annulus of large, oversize water will receive wider and wider application in colliery system.

In addition, because increase of coal output at full speed, of the colliery wash, the vacuum filtraction machine that the place that pick coal uses also to large change respect development, match rate of air sucked in required to be vavuum pump of annulus of the SZ-4 of 27m3/min water mostly in 80 time, this is in at that time also is bigger. And in last few years the filter of the colliery is chosen match rate of air sucked in required for 80- - the vavuum pump of large water annulus of 150m3/min, some achieves 200m3/min above, and the tendency that still tolerance continues to increase.

(Industry of 2) chemical industry

A) is chloric alkaline industry

In last few years our country started a lot of large capital construction and technical reformation project, the fact of these projects child need much polyvinyl chloride material, especially of estate flourishing, more the development that promoted polyvinyl chloride trade, according to the statistic of chloric alkaline industry, our country produced 4.1 million tons of pvc last year, imported 200 but ton. Occupy this industry forecast, the countrywide demand 2005 will amount to 8 million tons, and arrived to will achieve 15 million tons 2010, increase because of demand high speed just about, make the enterprise of the chloric alkaline industry of our country is added transform enlarge to produce, and nearly one, went up newly 2 years a lot of enterprises. The development of chloric alkaline enterprise, must in order to of empty pump of short for Shaanxi Province and J of water annulus compressor smokes water of form a complete set to divide and compress acetylene and hydric water annulus vavuum pump and past of water annulus compressor the biggest also do not cross 30m3/min, and the enterprise that produces per year 100 thousand tons of caustic soda and 100 thousand tons of pvc now, the water annulus vavuum pump of need and water annulus compressor amount to 70m3/min above.
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