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Technology of mould vacuum heat treatment and finishing technology
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Mould heat treatment is the important process that assures mould function, the production cost of the working life of the intensity of the production precision to the mould, mould, mould, mould having immediate effect. 20 centuries since 80 time, of the exterior aggrandizement technology that the domain with rapidder development of technology of international mould heat treatment is technology of vacuum heat treatment, mould and mould material beforehand sclerotic technology.

One, the technology of vacuum heat treatment of the mould

Technology of vacuum heat treatment is some closer year a kind of when development rises new-style heat treatment technology, the characteristic that it has, be a mould the place in making is pressing of need, prevent to heat to oxidize and do not remove gas for instance, disappear removal of hydrogen embrittlement is fragile, improve data thereby (spare parts) plasticity, tenacity and fatigue intensity. Vacuum heats difference in temperature of inside and outside of slow, spare parts is lesser wait for an element, the part that decided craft of vacuum heat treatment is caused is out of shape small etc.

What basically apply in mould vacuum heat treatment is vacuum oil Leng Cuihuo, vacuum enrages Leng Cuihuo and vacuum temper. To hold work (be like a mould) the good character that vacuum heats, the choice of refrigerant and cooling craft and it is very important to make, the mould quenchs the process basically uses oil cold with air cooling. To the mould working face of machining having no longer after heat treatment, vacuum temper is used as far as possible after quenching, especially the workpiece that vacuum quenchs (mould) , it can improve the mechanical performance related to exterior quality, wait like brightness of fatigue function, surface, corrosion resistance.

The success of the computer simulation technology of heat treatment process is developed and apply, make the intelligence of the mould changes heat treatment to become a possibility. The small lot that produces as a result of the mould (it is odd even) , the character of much breed, and to the characteristic that performance demand mixes heat treatment high not to allow occurrence waste, make again the intelligence of the mould changes heat treatment to become must. Foreign industry developed country, wait like the United States, Japan, oil field is enraged in vacuum maximum pressure, of development very fast also, basically be aimed at a target also is a mould.

2, the finishing technology of the mould

The mould is had besides requirement matrix in the job enough of high intensity and tenacity reasonable outside cooperating, its surface function is crucial to the character of service of the mould and service life. The finishing technology of the mould, it is to adopt modified of exterior besmear Fu, surface or compound processing technique, structure of the pattern that changes mould face, chemical composition, organization and stress condition, in order to win a systematic project that wants exterior performance. Make medium applying in the mould at present more basically is nitriding, cementite and sclerotic film deposit.
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