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Vacuum ion plating is replaced eletroplate technology and domestic and internati
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Plating of 1. vacuum ion is replaced eletroplate course of task research history

Eletroplate to apply in industry long already, but it has plated film not quite compact, have air hole, easy happening hydrogen is fragile, more serious is fierce to environmental pollution, cost of treatment of three wastes is high ineradicable, especially 6 price are chromic, nickel, cadmium element is harmful to human body, it is carcinogen. What eletroplate to be replaced to be industrial development so is inevitable, we pass old research, already considered to succeed now: The base material surface such as alloy of steely, brass, aluminium alloy, zinc radical undertook ionic plating chromic, titanium, zirconium, aluminous, nitride can replace phone galvanization, eletroplate cadmium, eletroplate nickel, eletroplate chromic.

① 1980-1989 year

Be in early material of college of Dalian grain industry fastened the person such as Professor Chen Baoqing to be begun with respect to project approving 1980 " ionic plating is replaced eletroplate the development of technical research and special device " , get classics of city of ministry of state committee of planning, mechanical industry, Dalian appoint aid financially, in 1983 ~ appraisal is held 6 times to meet early or late between 1986, obtained China to invent patent 1985. Patent certificate date: 8510260011. Had the honor to win a country to invent second-class award 1988, invent certificate number: A0377619, in December 1988. Judge for outstanding patent of Liaoning province and Dalian city, be enrolled by Chinese Patent Office " Chinese patent carries out project choosing to make up " (P84) , be enrolled by state committee of science and technology " People's Republic of China is great anthology of achievement of science and technology " (1979 ~ 1988) (P80) . The main iron and steel that finish ionic plating aluminium replaces electric galvanization to reach eletroplate cadmium; Ionic plating titanium, ionic plating chromium is replaced eletroplate nickel, eletroplate to study the work chromicly.

② 1990-1994 year

The main during this brass that finish ionic plating stainless steel is replaced eletroplate palladium, nitrogen of plating of ion of nickel alloy → changes titanium to reach surface of zincic radical alloy to eletroplate nickel (or eletroplate chromic) the research that nitrogen of → ion plating changes titanium works.

③ 1995- up to now

The main during this brass that finish, layer alloy is replaced among the ionic plating of alloy of aluminium alloy, zinc radical eletroplate layer alloy is replaced among chromium of plating of nickel → ion and ionic plating eletroplate nitrogen of plating of nickel → ion changes titanium (or zirconium) ion of → ion aureate → plating transparent ceramics diaphragm.
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