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The craft of vacuum heat treatment of the mould
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Now the swift and violent development as mechanical manufacturing industry, regard machining as the important segment of course of study, the demand that heat treatment machines and importance are reflected more and more apparently. The development of heat treatment is companion develop as the development of mechanical manufacturing industry, machinery is made put forward to renew higher demand to heat treatment again, the heat treatment of the mould is the part with top content of the technology in heat treatment.

Well-known, mould heat treatment is to develop the latent capacity of mould material, raise the performance characteristics of the mould. The function of the mould must satisfy: High intensity, (include high temperature intensity, fight cold hot fatigue property) tall hardness (wear-resisting function) with tall tenacity, and return a requirement have good machining sex, (include good polishing sex) but weldability and corrosion resistance are waited a moment.

The design that the biggest to mould life influence is a mould (included proper choice material) the material of the mould, the heat treatment of the mould, the use of the mould and safeguard etc. If the design of the mould is reasonable, material is high grade, so the service life that the stand or fall of heat treatment decided a mould directly. The function that trying domestic and internationally to use more advanced heat treatment method to raise a pattern at present prolongs the service life of the mould. And vacuum heat treatment is one of more advanced means in mould heat treatment. Look so from mould heat treatment, the craft of the condition of facilities of heat treatment treatment, heat treatment, control that produces a course appears particularly important. And the advanced sex of equipment is the premise that makes sure advanced technology comes true. Furnace of oil of gas of vacuum maximum pressure is the equipment with implementation vacuum most good heat treatment. Vacuum furnace is had not decarbonization, the effect that does not oxidize, have temperature even, heat to be able to accuse with cooling rate, can realize different process, because vacuum furnace does not have pollution, it is international go up accepted " green heat treatment " . The vacuum maximum pressure that already had 2-20bar in the world now enrages furnace of temper by dipping in water, can satisfy the requirement of the vacuum heat treatment of the mould completely.

In process of mould heat treatment, uses craft parameter also is having crucial effect to mould function: It included to heat temperature, heat time of speed, heat preservation, cooling means, cooling rate. Parameter of correct heat treatment craft can make sure the mould obtains optimum behavior, conversely, will produce undesirable serious even consequence. Practice makes clear, right heat treatment technology can acquire good organization, admirable constituent configuration ability assures good mechanical performance. When the control mould heat treatment with appropriate OK and effective technique be out of shape and craze. From the discovery in practice: The mould is heating and in cooling process, the difference of mould surface temperature and core temperature (heating inhomogenous sex and cooling inhomogenous sex) it is to cause mould metabolic main factor. (vacuum furnace has control to heat the ability of speed and cooling rate) . Different technique can make the mould satisfies different use condition and different function requirement.
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