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Eletroplate quickly the technology applies in equipment and mould maintenance
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Summary: Article introduction _r eletroplates quickly of the technology base seize a principle, its characteristic is equipment force of simple, operation ' make, technology is flexible, use at the local rehabilitate of equipment and mould spare parts, economic benefits is remarkable.
Keyword: Eletroplate quickly; Equipment maintenance; Application
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Use in equipment and mould maintenance eletroplate quickly the technology has its original place to the local rehabilitate of the spare parts, the operation is convenient and agile, managing upkeep costs, economic benefits is obvious.
One, the fundamental that eletroplates quickly
From say substantially, this kind eletroplates technology and normally eletroplate groove eletroplates same, it is the electrified metallic ion in plating fluid the process that crystallizes in deposit of the discharge on negative plate. What what differ is, eletroplate not to need electric chamfer quickly, want plating pen to dipping in only plating fluid brushs loiter repeatedly in working surface, can form a solid and compact metal film. Want to control power consumption accurately only, with respect to the ply that can dominate film well and truly, thin to 2 M, thick to a few Mm, can control arbitrarily, ensure thereby work measure.
Eletroplate quickly principal tool is plating pen. It by positive electrode and shaft two parts are comprised. Positive electrode is working surface, do with black lead or platiniridium alloy mostly, a pledget is wrapped outside, suck in order to dip in eletroplate solution. In real work, what encounter wait for diversity of long workpiece appearance, to get used to this kind of need, plating pen has a form, flat form and circle already, also have hemicycle, crescent moon form and annular, the appearance according to workpiece can be chosen freely.
2, the characteristic that eletroplates quickly
1. Eletroplate quickly can be in metallic surface or what handling through exterior metallization is metalloid on, selectively film of fast electrodeposit metal. - cover equipment but a variety of metals such as aureate, silver-colored, copper, iron, stannum, nickel, tungsten, indium.
2. Film union strength is high, mechanical performance is good, film ply is controallable the gender is strong. Do not need rework commonly.
3. Whole workpiece does not need bubble to be in plating fluid, the part that does not need to eletroplate also need not coating protection, leave out the working procedure before a lot of plating.
4. Outside eletroplating to be repaired except the device that is used within the workshop quickly, also can go out exercise, also suit very much to the maintenance of mine equipment.
5. Wait for long workpiece not to need to disassemble, carry, but on the spot is repaired, already spare time saves manpower, material resources again.
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